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Welcome to our new website!

American Playground Company is excited to announce the launch of our new and improved website! Our redesigned pages are easier to navigate, and ordering brand new playground equipment is just a few clicks away.

With our new “Account” feature, you can save your personal information, track existing orders, leave product reviews, adjust email preferences, and create a wishlist for future orders. Saving your information makes online ordering a breeze.

By saving your shipping information, you allow our website to do all the work for you during the ordering process. Our newsletter will update you on new products, as well as sales and promotions that can save you major cash in your budget.

If you’re not sure which equipment is right for your budget, we’ve made it easier than ever to request a quote online. By clicking any of the “Request Quote” buttons on our website, an electronic form is sent directly to our home office in McKinney, Texas.

Our staff has over 20 years of experience to make all of our customers a #PlaygroundHero! Whether you’re updating, expanding, or starting from scratch - our knowledgeable and friendly staff can give you the super powers to make a conscious, informed decision when it comes to purchasing new playground equipment.

Take your first step to becoming a Playground Hero with us! Call 888-982-2232, request a quote, or order online today.

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