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Sit-Up/Back Extension Station

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The Sit-Up / Back Extension Station supports your back whether you're working on your abdominal group in a seated or standing position. This station pairs nicely with other muscle strengthening and endurance improving outdoor fitness equipment to provide a comprehensive workout. Create a community destination by furnishing your HOA, apartment complex, senior center, or other organization with a top of the line exercise park.

In order to perform crunches and sit-ups, users lie on the side of the station with the perforated body plate. Then, placing knees over the cross-bar and feet under the foot stops, users raise themselves up with their abdominal muscles. On the adjacent side back extensions can be performed by placing thighs against the cushions and raising your body with your lower back muscles.

Benefits of use:

  • Core Fitness,
  • Muscle Strengthening,
  • Balance and Flexibility

Workout Groups:

  • Upper Body,
  • Abdominals,
  • Lower Body,
  • Gluteus Maximus,
  • Obliques,
  • Erector Spinae,

Constructed from commercial-grade galvanized steel with a rust-resistant powder-coating, the Sit-Up / Back Extension Station is colored black and gray to mimic typical indoor gym equipment. All steel posts, bars, metal accessories, and welds are backed by a limited 10-year warranty. All other parts are covered by a limited 2-year warranty (excludes cosmetic damage).

Price does not include footings, bolts, or other mounting hardware.

Additional Info

Additional Info

ADA Accessible No


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