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The Lat Pull Down is perfect for strengthening shoulders, back, biceps, and core muscles while building overall muscular endurance. It can help improve flexibility and agility too.

Users sit on the comfortable nylon saddle style seat, brace against the ergonomic backrest, and reach up to hold the slip-resistant PVC hand grips. In a controlled manner the user then pulls downward toward the chest, utilizing the device's advanced variable resistance mechanism, for a smooth muscle workout. The mechanism itself is fully enclosed to protect from the elements, vandalism, and crush/shear hazards.

Benefits of use:

  • Muscle Strengthening,
  • Core Fitness,
  • Balance and Flexibility

Workout Groups:

  • Upper Body,
  • Anterior Deltoids,
  • Trapezius,
  • Posterior Deltoids,
  • Rhomboids,

The Lat Pull Down has black and metallic color finish that is instantly recognizable by both amateurs and the fitness elite alike. It is constructed from commercial-grade steel components, and will provide years of exercise and workout assistance for members of your community.

Waranty information: Limited 10-year: all steel posts, bars, metal accessories, and welds Limited 2-year: all bearings, plastics, rubber parts Excludes cosmetic damage and/or defects

Price does not include footing, bolts, or other mounting hardware.

Additional Info

Additional Info

ADA Accessible No


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