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The Hand Cycle station provides a unique low-impact aerobic workout for park visitors of all fitness levels. With a comfortable saddle seat, users sit upright, grip the slip-resistant hand pedals, and pedal with their arms. It's like an exercise bike for your upper body!

This stationary bike is part of American Playground Company's premium line of outdoor fitness equipment. It is a great addition to any of our other fitness products, and work great in community parks, senior centers, athletic parks, and more. The hand pedals are fully enclosed in a vandal resistant housing, and utilize a flywheel that incorporates advanced magnetic resistance technology for a smooth pedaling motion and fun challenge to your workout regimen.

Benefits of use:

  • Aerobic workout,
  • Core Fitness,
  • Muscle Strengthening,

Workout Groups:

  • Upper Body,
  • Biceps,
  • Brachii,
  • Brachialis,
  • Brachioradialis

The Hand Cycle is built of commercial-grade steel, and made rust-resistant with a powder-coating in a black and metallic color scheme to match the typical equipment you find in a regular club gym. The metal posts, bars, and welds are guaranteed under a limited 10-year Warranty. The stainless steel damper, and tamper-resistant housing are covered by a limited 5-year Warranty. The bearings, plastics, rubber parts, and pedals are guaranteed under a limited 2-year Warranty. Warranties exclude cosmetic damage/defects.

Price does not include footing, bolts, or other mounting hardware.

Additional Info

Additional Info

ADA Accessible No


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